Dev Software provides customizable web portals considering the need of the processes of the users. Automated integration to the webservices and database is the unique feature of our web portal. Dev Software provides customized web portal solution to it's client which shall integrate to any system environment.

Premium and Certificate of Insurance Enabler

Premium and Certificate of Insurance Enabler (PACE) is Dev Software's web portal to track the agent's activity and all policy issuance processes through a simple use online services. PACE can also be integrated as a mobile application. PACE also provides authorized access to each partner and users. Unlimited partner database can be registered through PACE. Screen gets disintegrated as per the designation of user. Dev Software provide support and development to PACE.

Group Tracking System Application

Dev Software's Group Tracking System (GTS) web portal can be used for organization's internal users. All processes of policy issuance including claims, underwriting and registration are supported by GTS. GTS uses both webservice and database.

Claim Portal

Dev Software's Claim Portal is an online hosted portal. Claim Portal provides credentials to partners to access the portal. Partners or Agents can generate claim requests on behalf of insurance holder or nominees in adverse situations. Nominees and Partners can track their unique claim registration no to follow up the claims processes. If any document is needed then nominee's registered mobile no will receive the request SMS.

Certificate of Insurance

Certificate Of Insurance (COI) is a Dev Software's web portal which defines liability of the insurance service provider. This web portal provides COI download or mail COI functionalities to insurance service provider and insurer.