Dev Software is a leading enterprise software solutions provider for the players of insurance industry to efficiently use the upcoming technologies including big data analytics and cloud computing. Dev Software has been delivering successfully core insurance business application and services to insurance sector since the year 2000. It has also evolved its solutions to cope up the needs of various other sectors like banking, NBFC and telecom including insurance.

The contribution of insurance industry to the well being of an individual, businesses and society have a long history and there is an enduring, expanding demand for the industry's services. Such a booming industry has been facing various challenges but the most specific and unique challenge is about an effective use of evolving technologies of big data analytics , cloud computing to optimize their processes, to increase collaboration across the enterprise and demonstrate capital adequacy.

Technology Focus

Dev Software is a leading enterprise software solutions with focus on various technologies of JavaScript, .Net, XML-AJAX, Oracle andMicrosoft SQL Server. Our front end development expertise have experience of html5, bootstrap and our backed development expertise have hands on experience of RDBMS. Our expertise in automation and integration testing has evolved with robust performing applications.

Vision & Mission

Dev Software's driving purpose is to simplify insurance administration has provided our clients with a unique competitive advantage of faster product design, improve front end sales and distribution and customer service and enhance back end operational efficiency as per the regulatory compliance.